Matthew Kenney – Day 9


Day 9 was our last day of a knife skills practice before the exam! I feel pretty confident, but we will see how it goes tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Today we made raw flatbread with a lot of different toppings, such as zucchini hummus, lemon tahini and fennel with capers. The combination was divine, but it was very filling! Everyday is ice cream day in Cali! But for us only the good healthy raw ice cream. Another two groups created amazing masterpieces! We tried out their Turkish delight ice cream and Pistachio with lemon cream, wau! We also created really delicious banana bread, which will be ready for us tomorrow (it has to “bake” meaning dehydrate). I can’t wait to come to classroom and smell the raw Christmas in the air!

I have to say that I’m really in love with this whole concept of the school Matthew Kenney Cuisine. They are not super strict if you’re not a vegan, they welcome everyone who wants to incorporate and learn wholefoods in their diet. And not to worry, this is not a post about “How I lost weight in 4 days with my wholesome diet and you can do it to, click here!” Nor is it a personal celebration of accomplishing a great 100% raw food diet – I will always listen to my body and you will sometimes see me in the street with the “unhealthy” ice cream, but still a big smile on my face. I lost that sense of constant deprivation, and the embarrassment that comes with “letting go” sometimes. But for the most part of my life I stay faithful to my philosophy of eating well, not counting calories, but choosing the right ingredients that nourishes my body. I think that we all became aware of being less worried about our weight and more aware of our waning energy post-candy bar.

So today I have a question for you: have you felt a cultural change in the approach to food and calories? Has it affected you and how do you respond to the change?

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