Matthew Kenney – Day in LA


New day, old menu, new tastings, still no pictures. It was a very successful day 17 for me! I managed to test try everything I wanted to do and I almost cried while doing it, because it wasn’t working out. But at the end of the day, millions of tries, with the help of instructors I actually did it! So tomorrow we have to do it all over and prepare for presentation on Thursday. I can’t wait!

Since I don’t have any foodie photos for you guys, I think it could be fun shanking it up a bit and show you bits of LA. I won’t lie: I’m more of a Boston type, but City of Angels (the city of green juice and sunshine) is also fun (if you have a car!).


I don’t get how their glamorous reputation got into our heads, but LA is not what I expected – horrible traffic, buses in which you freeze, long avenues, outrageous prices and steamy temperatures. But like I said, it can get fun with their all year round produce, ubiquitous palm trees, and (relatively) beautiful beaches.

Los Angeles very much lives up to the whole “rolling up to midday yoga with a freshly squeezed kale-and-apple-juice in hand” thing, and you can find sooo many restaurants with quinoa in million different varieties, I love it!

Juice cleanses may be a Los Angeles cliché, but you have so many jucieries that can make your cleanse smooth and delicious (Pressed Juciery Moon Juice, Kreation etc.). Even your most jaded meat-and-potatoes friends will take a second look onto the green way of life.

Not to worry, if you will need a brief getaway from the crazy obsession with all things vegan and green, there are tons of very good restaurants where you can get anything!

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