Matthew Kenney – Farmers Market Day


All of us in class are born foodies, so we spend most of our free time studying Yelp reviews of organic restaurants; yes I’m finally with my own kind! We are scrolling through different pictures of where to eat next and try out the palatability of a massaged kale salad topped with hempseed pesto, sprouts and finished off with quinoa. But today at Matthew Kenney Cuisine we totally left our smart phones, chef coats and aprons in the kitchen and returned to the roots – the farmers market!


You’ve all probably noticed that famers markets have transgressed from awkward necessity to brazen phenomenon. The organic food market is expected to grow 14% per year over the next 4 years, and organic food production in the US increased 240% between 2002 and 2011. While healthful eating isn’t solely about eating organic, the increased production is a good measure for interest in eating well.

Our class headed to Santa Monica Farmers Market which was much bigger than I expected. The weekly farmer’s market portmanteau has become a sacred ritual for me too back at home. Here in Cali various vendors offer different calibers of colorful vegetables and fruit. There are those that offer to try out their produce, which are always fun! Or you also find those who yell at you for taking pictures of their stuff, while I think to myself “Yes sir I’m taking photos of your stand, because my evil plan is to steal your peach idea, grow it at home and sell it in Europe.” All in all a very fun start of our day 13.

We returned to our stations and created a few preparations for tomorrow and made a raw soup. My first raw soup! It was an amalgam of flavors and texture I must say. We finished the day off with trying out our grawnola and “for the love of matcha why am I still hungry?!” No worries, yelp is here to help us explore this endless culinary world of Los Angeles!



2 responses to “Matthew Kenney – Farmers Market Day”

  1. Hitomi says:

    I wish I could be there!
    Enjoy and learn a lot!

  2. Mermaid says:

    Teresamisu, I was wondering if you seriously is tweezers to place the sprout … do they come with what tuition supplied items?

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