Matthew Kenney: Graduation day Level 2


September 26th spirits ran high around Matthew Kenney Cuisine. The reason? It was graduation day for 7 students from our Culinary Academy Level 2. With friends and family present, we received our certificates of completion in what is always an emotional and triumphant ceremony, but only after our final test: preparing a product and presenting it to our instructors.

We all did a pretty amazing job of developing a product of our own. We also had to do the whole costing and think about the market plan on selling it. I decided to go with coconut yogurt, since I couldn’t find a very good one on the market. I did the whole recipe and added three different flavors accompanied with jams and candied nuts. Next step was costing it and doing the artwork. Of course I left the artwork to my talented Matic Prusnik, who also designed the whole website! While developing the product I caught him in a very busy time, but still he managed to do an incredible job, like always! On Friday I’ve did some final touch ups on my costing and presentation and we were ready to graduate!

Now armed with a new skill set, we will be entering the workforce in a permanent way, embarking on our next journey. During this program I learnt not only about self-improvement in creating plant-based foods, but it is about making a difference in the lives of others as well.

This entire experience wouldn’t have been the same without each and every one the instructors, Chef Rachael, Chef Sean and Chef Casey!  Their dedication and energy for creating beautiful healthy food, as well as teaching, was contagious.  They pushed me to do my best and I truly appreciate everything they have done for me, as well as my classmates, over the past year.

I really want to thank all of my classmates for being such a incredible bunch of people. Whether it was helping me with the platting, trying out my recipes. surprising me on my birthday with gifts and drinks, encouraging me to keep up with the blog (and fulfilling my goal of writing almost every single day) and giving me a hug when I had a rough day.

I also want to thank my supporters back in Slovenia, my family for helping me get here and especially my better half for supporting me every step of the way fulfilling my crazy dreams and always being super proud of me.

The rest of our Friday was filled with food, laughs, and far too many goodbyes! After I headed home and started packing for a short trip to Las Vegas! More about that soon. After packing I promptly fell asleep which could probably sum up the two months in a nutshell—thrilling, but exhausting!

Lastly, I want to thank you all for reading along and supporting me over the past 2 months.  I have loved sharing this journey with you and can’t wait to share what’s ahead!

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