Matthew Kenney – Level 2


Hey there Level 2 Matthew Kenney Santa Monica! There are more than half of us gone for this level and now only 6 remain with one additional student, Victoria from London. Our class hours also change from 3pm till 9pm, so my blogging will start the morning shift.

We started our class with getting a new present from Santa Rachael, another knife, this time a smaller pairing knife. We introduced ourselves to our newcomer Victoria and hoping of not scaring her away with our break time primary school jokes and shenanigans.

We did some introduction to our Level 2 and started preparing eggplant “bacon”, cream sauces for today’s gnocchi and chocolate custard with tasting a variety of different nut milks. Different nut milks? We have sunflower, macadamia, almond, cashew, hazelnut, brazil nut, hemp, pecan … Of there is a variety and no I don’t see it as a trend, but as a healthy shift of our living and enjoying milks (mylks?). They are lighter, easier on the stomach and apparently on the mind as well. They all seem to moonlight as viable dairy avengers that don’t create mucus in the human body. And you know what they say, right? Less boogers = happier adults.

weird beetroot

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