Meet The Raw Kitchen


So what happens when you put together two girls who are crazy about healthy lifestyle and love being creative? Well you end up chit chatting for about 4 hours and simultaneously making raw cakes! I’m very excited to introduce you to Olivia Scott from The Raw Kitchen.


When I came to New Zealand I only knew a few people and cafes doing raw desserts. Than my lovely friend told me about Olivia and her gorgeous raw cakes! I immediately conntacted her and ordered one of her delicious cakes. We met up and just had an amazing talk about healthy plant based foods and all about taking care of your Universe – your body.

As a passionate raw cake maker I insisted to come around and see her at work. Based in Honeytrap cafe she showed me how to do her three to die for cakes. Not only did I discover some amazing flavour combinations, but also a lovely girl who has incredible passion for plant-based raw organic food.

She calls it “The Raw Kitchen”, simple and straight forward – the key for a successful business. Oh and how successful it is… Because the orders are flying in like crazy she’s waking up at the crack of dawn or staying up late and creating all sorts of deliciously healthy desserts.

Her sweet tooth customers not only get a yummy cake but also gorgeous flowers to go with it. All the best to hard working Olivia and her organic/health conscious business.

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