Meeting Jessica Vartoughian in Beverly Hills


Level 2 and Day 5 at Matthew Kenney Cuisine in Santa Monica started a bit differently. As you know by now our academy starts at 3pm, so I have time to brunch around Los Angeles. This time I was fortunate enough to meet The First Lady of Nails … Jessica Vartoughian!

Our brunch was arranged at The Beverly Wilshite Hotel where the CEO of Jessica Cosmetics kindly met me and told me all about her 36 year old business. Let me tell you, when I was talking about my ideas of starting my own brand in the line of health foods, her business savvy helped me a lot with thinking about questions I never realized had to be answered before starting. Of course this was a very productive and quite educational lunch for me since I got a chance to learn a bit about her starting point of paving the way for her multi-million dollar nail care industry. Jessica is considered the foremost authority on cultivating beautiful natural nails; an achievement reflected in her extensive line of popular nail care products. Her Nail Clinic in Beverly Hills was the first salon that treated only nails in 1969. Her clientele were high profile celebrities like Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross, as well as longtime client Nancy Reagan, whom Jessica regularly visited in the White House to do her nails. Now her Jessica products are sold all over the world, even in my little hometown where business is of course booming.

The main topic of our lunch was also her visiting Slovenia in October. She decided to join us at our pink breast cancer awareness event, where she will be attending the ceremony of Breast Healthy Day with Europa Donna Slovenija October 15th on the in Ljubljana’s club Maxi. This day will continue into a pink weekend in prominent department store Galerija Emporium where Jessica manicurists will promote this year’s Jessica collection of pink nail polish made ​​especially for pink October.

After our dessert I convinced Jessica she needs to come to see our work at Matthew Kenney cuisine and try out our chef-tasting menu. Since she has a big sweet tooth she decided that it would be very interesting for her to see how do we manage to do delicious desserts without sugar, butter or flour.

So 3 hours later I was back at the academy learning how to do raw ravioli and panna cotta. We were able to make our own taste of the dessert, so I did a ginger panna cotta with salted caramel and coffee foam. It was a hit! 😉

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