Minimalism challenge week two


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Stopped counting days with my minimalism challenge and started counting weeks, which is a progress I guess!

Week two was keeping up to date with reducing, which is pretty addictive I must say, I’ve started selling and giving away every day now. You won’t believe it, but I have packed all of my clothes in only two suitcases (this never happened to me before!) We have successfully moved into our new small apartment and I’ve realised I still have too much clutter, because it can’t fit in the apartment. Bring it on I say! 

What I’ve learnt this week?

  1. It is not the lack of something, it is the perfect amount of something!
  2. It reveals what matters most. It takes self-awareness to a new level, as it constantly forces you to ask yourself: does this contribute to my life or take away from it?
  3. What I’ve revealed is what I need to work on big time, the little stress triggers I’ve been comfortably hiding away with giving attention to stuff that are not really important… but it’s much easier to do that right?
  4. Going to Europe with my usual massive suitcase which was half empty this time!
  5. The “just in case” will not happen.

As you are reading this you’re probably thinking… “Girl, you’re just cleaning up your messy home, don’t adults do that all the time?” 

Yes and no… I’ve been cleaning up my whole life, but it was just putting stuff in a neatly order to different drawers, I haven’t actually thought about why do I really need to have 6 watches (three of them don’t work anymore), 9 white shirts, jeans and dresses I can’t fit my ass into anymore, empty boxes, bottles, weird decorations, halloween costumes and all these books I’ve already read… The answer is pretty simple, I was too lazy to give them away and too attached to the past. Keeping unnecessary things is just holding onto different moments from your past that you maybe don’t want to let go just yet… Or you have that sentence in your head “just in case”,  let me tell you something – it will never happen.

It might be a cliché but it’s so true, having just the essentials will give you freedom and will make it easier for you to breathe without the burdens of the past weighing you down. Don’t get me wrong, this is not your hall pass to be scruffy and to wear that t-shirt three times in a row. No way! It just means  you value yourself more than material things. It means making decisions based on what you need instead of getting everything you want. It does not mean the things you buy are cheap. It means they are something you need, regardless of how much they cost. It means you start listening to yourself, your style and be more resourceful.

As I write this, I’m already back in Europe with only my essentials and I feel great! Next week I’m teaching in Croatia and than back in Slovenia again. We have four vegan workshops coming up and I just can’t wait. All of my recipes are becoming very “minimalistic” but creative! Every recipe consists of 10 ingredients or less, requires a single spoon or bowl, takes 30 minutes or less to prepare. For the Croatian workshop I’m preparing a beautiful Socca with Beetroot Caviar and Green Hummus with Dukkah, for dessert I’m serving Banana Cakes with Raw Nutella sounds fancy but it’s incredibly easy. Loving my job at the moment and the discoveries I’m making through this journey.

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