Mixing young Slovenian talents


Here we go! These are my four creations of a project we had to do for a university subject. Mixing young talents – designers, make up, models and me as a photographer 😉

The main idea was placing the designers next to their collection. Their models were also their dolls which are elegantly pursuing the world of fashion with pride and certainty. We placed them in a abandoned surrounding which conveys the terrible fashion situation for the young designers. The outside world is tough, but as they look forward they always see a ray of light in what they do. Their inspiration and willingness is empowering and no matter how bad it gets they will never stop creating.

NIKATO Couture is always impressing me with her playful clothes. Once again she was up to something really intriguing this season, giving fun looks a sense of dualism … These elegant dresses are typically reserved for a night out on the town, but the new Torkar collection translated those glam materials into everyday looks by incorporating them into two-in-one designs. Ladies can walk into a cocktail party looking incredibly sophisticated or just rolling it up and going for a drink with the girls. Her collection was inspired by a Box of chocolates by Läderach Swiss chocolates. And there is no better way to describe her designs – “The collection is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get”

Tina Hribernik blew our minds with a combination of earth colors and fabric that gave us a sense of simplicity. The patterns did most of the talking, so Tina kept the silhouettes relatively simple, adding her Caladium, which is a genus of flowering plants, often known by the common name elephant ear, Heart of Jesus,and Angel Wings. This angelic collection is perfect for young daring girls that are prone to  a long and glorious ride of life.

Katarina Spreiz showing off her uniqueness. The collection’s most striking number is shown here, using unusual materials and cuts that highlight aerodynamism and asymmetry. The structure of the futuristic sleeves and flatform sandals are a great combination to a diverse white collection. All in all, a successful, modern balancing act – a symbol of sport and dynamism.

Photos by: Tereza Poljanič

Special thanks to:

Arne Hodalič

Location scout: Maša Kores

Marina Borščak – Martina Makes make up

The designers: Tina Hribernik, Nika Torkar and Katarina Spreiz

Models: Lea Bernot, Katja Bidovec, Eva Jančar Kalan

 PostProduction: Žiga Zupančič

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