Morning weather girls schedule


4:00 am – alarm clock! Snooze

4:15 am – still snooze.

4:30 am – me waking up realizing what time it is!

4:45 am – breakfast, walking, no, running, actually driving to Slovenian National Television.

5:00 am – writing the weather forecast

5:30 am – make up and hair

6:10 am – wardrobe


This time I think it went a bit better, I’m still nervous and get no sleep at night, but it’s so very exciting and I can’t resist the rush. I know many say “Oh it’s just a little weather report”, but your subconcious goes crazy when your actually infront of the camera. Here my heart was going so fast, that I got a glimpse of a feeling how it is to run a marathon.

Here are some snapshots from today, hope you like it. Right now I am eating my salad/lunch while others are still munching their breakfast, funny ;).;;

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