Movember in Slovenia


Am I glad to say goodbye to Movember, of course not! I’m probably the only lucky girl who adored her man in all his mustache glory. A group of friends made it last a bit longer and gave a farewell party for all the fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sistas. We can only praise all the girls who were doing their bit to support Movember and raise awareness of prostate cancer by wearing crazy mustache stickers. And of course we applaud to all the men with their hairy upper lip accessory and to those who had the anxiety over their inability to grow a proper mustache, but still showed up. Luckily they were not alone in their courageous endeavor. The mustache galore happened in Mint cafe, where we were changing the face of men’s health. Drinking Mustachio drinks and eating Mustachio pizzas, can it get any Mustachier?

Photographer Žiga Zupančič

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