My Mother’s Closet


Photographer Žiga Zupančič

This post is dedicated to my moms closet 😉

Before we departed to USA I was visiting Maribor for the weekend.  Terrible weather caught us and we started to get bored. Nothing to do until I encountered my mothers closet. Even as a little girl I loved mixing and matching all of moms funky skirts, shirts and dresses. Many years it was my favorite inspiration corner, now we decided to actually photo shoot a little piece of it.

We found a great location near Pohorje, I know it looks very peaceful on the photos, but let me tell you, we were chased by crazy cows who were very delighted to be a part of the photo shoot. I have to say it has been fun glaming up for funny cows, sticky mud and heavy rain.

  • Shoes: Aldo
  • Bracelets: Barbara K. Germ
  • Hat: made by an old Maribor hatmaker
  • Jacket, Skirt and Belt: Unknown, probably made in China but bought in America.

 Photographer Žiga Zupančič –

Recap of my Chicago trip… We are staying for one more day and than we are flying to Miami. I am kind of excited to say goodbye to the wind a saying hello to the warm sun. I will be posting some pictures shortly. Days are going by to fast and there is to much to see. My feet are full of blisters, because we are on our feet walking around for more than 10 hours a day, but it’s totally worth it!

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