New Cooking Show, Hello Tereza!



The news is finally out! We are starting a healthy cooking show called Zdravo, Tereza! (Hello, Tereza!) that will be aired in autumn in Slovenia (POP TV). It will focus on food from every regard – as a source of health, happiness, family, travel and adventure through north New Zealand. Our cooking show will be all about healthy meals that can be prepared what you have available seasonally.

It’s all about simple recipes that you can make for dinner and save for lunch for tomorrow. Of course I will not forget about those healthy flavoursome treats from cookies to cakes, you name it, I’ll do it… In a no sugar manner of course! My philosophy is simple – my dishes are always made from wholesome, fresh, seasonal ingredients that awaken positive energy in your body  and put a smile on your face. Moderation is the key I say, so the recipes are built for anyone, some of them are vegan, but mostly vegetarian. I will show you how to stay on a healthy diet route, no matter how stressful and busy your life is.

I’m incredibly proud of our team for creating and working so hard day in and day out. Thank you to my partner in crime Žiga Zupančič who lives and breathes this project with me, and the most talented Matic Prusnik who is always prepared to go that extra mile. Lets go team Blueroom!

A big thank you also goes to our incredible New Zealand production team – Eddy, Grace, Jess, Priscilla, Cristian and Nicola.

I haven’t forgotten about the amazing collaboration with The Produce Company, thank you Lyndon for picking up the phone even on the weekends! Thank you to David from Chantal Organics for making sure that my kitchen always stays organic. Special thanks to OOOOBY for always surprising me with your delicious local produce. Finally thank you to Syza  from ITZME for her AMAZING garments and aprons!

Thank you all back at home for your lovely support! We can’t wait to show you what we have cooking for you!




Photography: Ziga Zupancic

Priscilla Norte

Grace Maree Watson

Location: The Raw Kitchen

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