New Years Eve and a DIY Decoration


The fun and the fatty time of the year is sadly over. Yes it was the season to be jolly, but not at the expense of one’s sanity. What I mean is that I was saying no to Christmas shopping, but I didn’t quite succeed – on 23.12. I found myself panic-stricken in a fully crowded shopping center wild-eyed with reckless anxiety.  I said to myself that this is absurd, given my hard-won knowledge, through bitter experience of the ghosts of Christmas past, that I hate the crush of last-minute shopping, the wanton futility of it all. I decided to calm down and bought thoughtful presents that weren’t expensive at all, but very meaningful. Life’s little luxuries might seem like an inappropriate phrase to cite when so many of us are anxious about the state of our finances, but I tend to think that now is a good time to acknowledge the small yet precious things that make us feel happy. The craziness soon disappeared and the fun part began – the rustle of wrapping paper, the scent of pine needles, the flickering light of candles in the darkest nights of the year.

Christmas was over; I was almost rolling down the stairs full of unnecessary sweets, and here comes New Years Eve. Me, my dear man and our friends gathered up for this special night in our freshly decorated apartment and toasted to a healthy, happy year. This night was very successful, why? My 100% woolen carpet was spilled five times (yes I counted), but luckily survived with no stains, the apartment seemed fairly livable in, since nobody was actually drunk – I had a full house of civilized people, all the food was eaten, I slept in my own bed (but woke up with a inflamed bladder which is caused by not drinking enough- I don’t know if they meant water or champagne?)

All in all I realized that it’s best to appreciate “humble” nights like this. In sartorial terms, luxury and having a good, precious time doesn’t necessarily denote diamonds and fancy restaurants; instead it has more to do with what makes us comfortable. With this in mind, I hereby nominate a few luxuries: Dancing like crazy on your couch with your friends to weird music, having the deepest conversations in your kitchen, eating 10 different kinds of desserts, dancing with a toy snake, playing with little silver decoration reindeer’s,  making a homemade pizza – forgetting about it in the oven and then serving it as “burnt crackers with tuna”. Like I said – a very successful night.

On the photos below it looks like there has been a lot of drinking going on, which is absolutely not true, behind the scenes there was just a bunch of people drinking tea after midnight and playing Activity 😉

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