New Zealand Fashion Week


Finally I sat down and started going through NZFW photos. As I’ve written before, I was visiting NZFW as a representative of our Company (sounds so serious), not as a blogger, which was fun, but different.

With a glass of wine, or two, I sat comfortably in my reserved seat and waited for one of the many shows to start. With an opening singing act, designs of Pia Boutique walk through the runway. Pia Boutique designs were lovely, with something for everyone, a bit plain for my taste. There were itsy-bits of frilly material that would suit those of a high-maintenance disposition or those just going to UNI.

But my concentration was a bit strayed away from the show. I started observing young bloggers and New Zealand high end fashion people. Funnily I came to realize, no matter where I am in Slovenia or the other side of the world – everything is exactly the same! Shades indoors (along with an attitude “I like to watch; I don’t like to be watched”), dressing up in something you would never wear on streets, pretending to have a job you absolutely adore, pretending you actually have a job, and a semi-sartorial code has emerged: at its simplest, an attempt at dressing up, while pretending to be dressing down.

My last show was the almighty Trelise Cooper – New Zealand’s crème Della crème as they say. This show was stunning with the most glamorous models wearing hip and colourful designs. The only problem? The show was somewhat unbalanced and all over the place. We were showered with pink creations, different shapes, and also said Ahoy to a lot of stripes! The show didn’t have a red line of continuation. However each collection by itself is very confident and mind blowing. Some were particularly striking, with blush-pink and sailor-blue striped skirts sweeping the floor, in bold horizontal or vertical patterns. Some can be confident with the colours on the catwalk – canary yellows, emerald greens, vermilion, bright as the flash of a parrot’s wing – I tend to veer back to the familiar navy or black and white stripes of a sailor’s T-shirt when it comes to shopping for myself, not to original I know.

To be honest, I’d enjoyed a bit of fashion back to my daily life, but soon I’ve been feeling slightly jaded about the soulless materialism extravaganza – it seemed to go on for ever. I’ll always have my heart set on fashion, but I refuse to follow the on going blitz and glamour.


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