Ninety Mile Beach tour


Day two! Hopping on to a Awesome tour bus and heading to Ninety Mile Beach, which is on the western coast of the North Auckland Peninsula.

It is terminated by rocky volcanic headlands, Scott Point to the north and Reef Point to the south. Between the two points is a beautiful arching beach of white sand facing the Tasman Sea. The origin of the name is uncertain, for the beach measures only 55 miles. It can be used as a motorway at low tide and, provided the sudden watercourses which seam the sand are crossed slowly and proximity to the waves avoided, the surface can be used with confidence.

Our funny bus driver Barry was chatting and keeping the microphone busy almost through the whole bus trip. We got to know all about these stories of other travellers and locals. Without a glimpse of fear he turned the bus and went straight into the water, so fun! 😉 As a interesting fact, this was one of the spots where Top Gear was shot.

The thing that amazed me where also the northern dunes near the beach. The dunes, looking very much like a desert landscape, are an unexpected sight for travellers, especially if arriving from the landward side. And what can you do on these dunes? Bodyboarding of course!


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