Our first Charity event


Bright day brought a bright positive mood. This evening was our moment to shine and to help others. Me and my mom hosted a charity event in my old primary school Valentin Vodnik, where we raised money for children who don’t have enough to go on a summer/winter holiday. This was our first time to host something together as a duet and we didn’t know how everything is going to turn out. Well it went amazing, suffice to say that even when we messed up it looked cute (I hope ;)). Children danced (Arnika Matko Juvančič), singed (Valentinke), they even have a teachers band, how cool is that? Nina Pušlar, Žiga Stanonik and Victory band were kind enough to come and entertain, among all the singing we also had an auction for two neat illustrations. You heard right, we had to do an auction as well, which didn’t look promising with our no experience with auctioning. We decided not to do the fast auction chant and just do our own thing, it went smooth and we sold both pictures to two mommy bidders.

Thank you for this priceless experience, we had so much fun and decided that we’ll try to host more events together as a blonde/hip/mom&daughter team. 😉

Photographer Žiga Zupančič – ziga.zup@gmail.com

Hair by: Matej Prinčič – Mič Styling

  • Dress: Sofie D’Hoore
  • Shoes: Repetto
  • Belt: Urban Outfitters
  • Earrings: Zara
  • Bracelets: Barbra K. Germ
  • Tights: Fabiani


  • Dress: Pletenine Aleksandra Ilić
  • Shirt: Sofie D’Hoore
  • Necklace and rings: Barbra K. Germ
  • Shoes: United Nude
  • Tights: Fabiani

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