Philips Fashion week Boutique


At Philips Fashion week 2013 we saw some fine pieces of clothing. What also imperessed me was the idea of a Boutique. Here we had an oportunity to shop special and unique pieces of jewellery and accessories.


We could shop from a variety of talented handy designer – Tmpriboljški, Vandalimorale, Ceramic Jewelry by Hana Karim, Pleksimanija, Petra Bole, O’grlice, Glow, Lesema, Margaret 88, Mamishiwa, Studio Oblique, Črna Zračka in Tarnuljčica.

Here a some that really caught my eye.

Margaret88 design jewellery exudes originality and uniqueness. Each piece of jewellery is made of aluminium and if necessary, enriched with textile materials. A story about the cold raw material is hidden in Margaret88 jewellery, which is transformed by the designer’s hands into a completely trendy unique piece of jewellery.

You all know Lesema by now 😉 Slovenian designer Ema Salčinovič had our first giveaway on the blog. Her timeless pieces, made out of wood are touched by daring colours, that represent the wild 1960. The retro collection by Lesema is that lil’somethin somethin that makes you stand out. All you need is a black dress, red lipstick and a dash of that sexy parfume. Adding Lesemas accesories will transform you  into a groovy Rertodiva!

Fashion Accessories by TM priboljški are made from recycled plastic waste and posters, shopping bags and much more. With a touch of modern and combining different colors, materials and prints they create a wide range of urban accessories possible even for gala events. Tjaša Mavrič is the designer of these fine pieces. You might remember her also by adding her designs to Simona Lampe’s last seasons collection also on Philips fashion week 2012.

My last years review on the collection: “Fifty shades of Simona Lampe. The very sexy rainy collection was beautifully put together with crazy unique accessories and rain boots. The design specialized in: over-sized leather jackets, leather gloves, even trench coats with cheeky lace insets, swimming suits with gorgeous geometric detailing, cropped schoolboy blazers, and a see through party pants topped by designer umbrellas. All in all, a fun, sexy ride.”

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