Philips Fashion Week Ljubljana: Day 3


Day three of Fashion Week Ljubljana was just extraordinary, unfortunately I could only be a part of the evening show. I seriously think that this show was worth every blister on my sour feet and every minute wasted  in front of the closet.

First on my list is most definitely Peter Movrin or so called Slovenian Alexander McQueen. 3, 2, 1 and lights switched on to reveal that the models colorful clothes glowed an electric glow (or maybe that’s just me seeing a halo around the beautiful Movrin designs). Movrin is just about as It as you can get in Slovenian fashion at the moment, and he delivered on his reputation, sending out a focused spring/summer collection that put his strong, singular vision on display. Everything about the lizard or dinosaur was an endlessly rewarding inspiration for Movrins new collection. Forget the obvious—he has, after all, proved himself the McQueen…khm…sorry Movrin with a spectacular string of exotic prints, leather and accessories. All of which equals a collection that is conceptual and precise with an added intimacy… Yes sometimes it even felt slightly mad. The models heads were covered with modernist accessories that looked like lizard tails and wore heels that even Jeffrey Campbell would applaud. Even with the model falling in her killer heels (which will be what people talk about and remember) this was a very powerful performance.

The second best was Garevski with his ever so amusing black collection. As I see it, anything bearing his name is pretty close to how he would imagine himself dressing if he was a woman. 😉 So no wonder we were served a collection that was touched by a bit of structured futurism and a buissnessy strictness. 
Function often suffers when designers put so much emphasis on form, but that wasn’t an issue here. Garevski stuck close to his traditional designs and exceeded yet again for others, but for me… not so much I was still missing something new, something edgy. It’s funny how he doesn’t think about colors for his spring/summer collection, but that seemed to be Garevski’s general strategy – stay attached to what people like about him and not change it to much. For next years collection I think it would be smart to give the Garevski lingo a good and big shove into a more intense maybe even colorful realm.

I have to mention Mrs. Vodeb, at her collection each little outfit looked like a treasure you would discover at your grandmothers closet, but without the dust. The retro stylings were cute, very Slovenian, but not my cup of tea. Yes, these dresses glanced back at the past, but the cuts were still a bit modern.

Last but not least is Nataša Hrupič. I stood breathless, I want the bracelets, the dresses, the weird shoulder accessories – everything. I can just say this… there wasn’t a woman in the room who wasn’t seduced.

 Photographer Žiga Zupančič –

Runway photos by Philips Fashion Week

  • Dress: Jil Sander
  • Scarf: Vintage
  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin
  • Necklace: Urban Outfitters

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