Philips Fashion Week Ljubljana: Day 1


Fashion week is over, everyone is overly tired but I think very satisfied with the result. The closets are probably a mess, full of clothes/outfits that were not chosen at the end, kitchen sinks full of dishes and bathrooms full of make up. Yes, the weekend is near and my guess is everyone will be wearing pajamas, slippers and cleaning gloves. But first thing is first… Reviews of the new season designs. To tell you the truth, I expected more from the first day, some of the designs were average and very badly put together, I don’t want to criticize, so I will only mention those who I really liked.

Akultura was last in line but definitely the first in creativity and uniqueness. With her leather capes and see-through clothes she definitely won the WOW effect in day one. It’s not an easy concept to sell combining leather and see-through styles, but using her Moroccan inspiration made the look modest yet special enough to be convincing. It yielded a collection that was exotic, confident, and keyed in to some of this fashion moment’s big trends. In that way there is no real narrative for this Akultura collection, just an idea of a certain feminine confidence.

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but the rings made out of glass are amazing, they add the missing touch to the whole outfit. Good job B.K.Germ!

My second favorite was Pletenine Draž. I think everyone noticed that she took her collection to the next level. There was a sense of newness here, because the last collections felt like they were repeating continuously. I think the shift was entirely smooth. Piece by piece, there was a lot to win new fans and please loyalists, also as a whole there was something that felt exquisitely rendered and put together.

Loved the colors in Niti niti collection, dressy colorful pieces appliquéd with models that looked like candy wrappers. Sweetness prevailed, but was often muddled by averageness and cuteness overload.

Katja Magister shirts are going to fly at retail ;). Her show did not, in fact, kick off with a look that was pretty and white, but it did feature summer atmospherics, not to mention shirts and pants that were full of graphics of the ocean and the wind. Well who wouldn’t just love wearing summer?

Congratulations on the good organization AVI and Elle, but one word of advice – if there is no room, do not invite so many people. Sometimes it was seriously over crowded. I don’t even want to start about the egoistic attitude of some of the “celebrities”, but that’s just what comes with the package of Slovenian couture and high fashion mindset. All in all I had lots of fun and events like these are great for meeting new people, starting the new season with fresh ideas and fun new projects.

 Photographer Žiga Zupančič –

Runway photos by Philips Fashion Week

  • Jumpsuit: Escada
  • Leather jacket: Mango
  • Scarf: Alexander McQueen
  • Bracelet: from Toledo
  • Shoes: Ash

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