Philips Fashion Week Ljubljana: Day 3


Wearing Escada dress, Zara blazer, Barbara K. Germ Brooch and accessories, Ash shoes

Here come the reviews!

The last day in Philips Fashion Week in Ljubljana was opened by Draž knitwear. The collection talks about the things that have passed, but are still with us and with that for each loss comes a new beginning. “Innovative technologies combine knitting with inverted photography, the concept of connecting the modern trends and turning back,” say the designer duo. From the last season they managed to  get their collection three stories up. Smooth patched garments looked incredibly warm and cosy yet very fashionable—each of these garments stood out for their sensuality and tactility. For evening they like to soften things up, I would say still pure French chic!

Next up was Maja Štamol, known by dressing many of our lady star. Her collection was this time played in contrasting textured materials with innovative details and multi functional clothes. “It’s a game glamour beating pulse of urban life. Life running smoothly, fast, unique.” A tough form of sensuality has become something of a calling card for all of Štamol women, and as a result the collections have gathered momentum not quite seen before she appeared—leather, dark patterns are hardly a ladylike fabrication.

The collection Mix and match by Almira Sadar talks about today’s urban fashion, mixing male and female items, wide and narrow silhouettes, athletic and elegant pieces, thick and translucent clothing, dark and contrasting colors. Designers had tendencies of putting stuffed animals around models bodies, but in this case it seemed quite wearable.

Nelizabeta is confident that you will be most fashionable in autumn/winter 2013 , if you take into account the diversity of people and cultures of the former federation. “Sucking in from rich folklore traditions and joining the military cut off lines and details. Conflicts. Vitality. Rigor. Disciplined playfulness and controlled lightness”. This hard-edged strictness struck a chord with her polished and provocative collection. With its industrial feel, it was an ode to the engineering together of gleaming fine tailored coats which are expertly snaking round the body, revealing just enough skin from underneath its cold geometry.

The waiting for Young@Squat was long enough already! I was breathing to see what they prepared for us, but to tell you the truth I was a dash disappointed. YOUNG @ Squat  presented young designers. Natasha Peršuh and Zoran Garevski are also in the collection and included a multilayered clothes, combining and mixing different materials. “Layering creates a play of volumes that defines a strong shaped silhouette. Layering is this time transparency and a strong color combination” they say. I enjoyed the collection, but expected more. Still it was a very powerful performance that sometimes even felt slightly mad. In a season of introspection, where designers are looking inwardly and personally to find their way,Young @ Squat stepped down and proved their frontiers of this inner exploration.

Will not comment the collection of Eber, just because I am not such a big fan of animal fur on human skin. Icky.


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