Preparing for New Zealand


I’m incredibly sorry for not writing for such a long time, it’s just overwhelming to combine everything before I leave my home for a while.

I keep getting questions about my move to New Zealand, so I think the smartest thing to do is answer them right here.

  • My decision to go was made probably a year ago already. My father lives there for about 16 years and because he has a citizenship his family can also apply. I applied for a depended child visa and had to go through certain health examinations and a process that took quite some time. I will write in detail how it all went down in the next posts. There are plenty of visas you can choose from, find them here.
  • I am going for 6 months, after 6 months I am coming home for a bit and than leaving again for 6 months. So I will be enjoying kiwi life for about a year.
  • Everyone is asking about my plans, but a good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. 😉 My wish is to go backpacking for a month and visit the New Zealand yoga retreats. After that I will study and expand my television knowledge and hopefully find a decent job, besides all of that I will be finishing my Slovene diploma.
  • Of course I am scared, because I am leaving the cosiness  of my home, family and friends, but I think this will be a great and smart experience. Even if I fall on my face, I’ll be moving forward ;).
If you have questions just post a comment and I will answer them asap. Stay tuned for more posts about my visa, which visas are possible for you, life in New Zealand and more. Some incredible pictures are also coming up from our trip from Florence and Tuscany. Wait! There is more! I made my last Slovenian raw cake. Recipe coming soon!
 Photos by Lea Bernot 

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