Raw Birthday Celebration


What day was it? Wednesday? Nop it was BIRTHday! I celebrated my birthday in the most fun city with my best friend and new funky friends from the academy. We had a blast and here is a short breakdown of my special day:

  • For breakfast we were on the hunt for freebies! We managed to get an almost-free coffee, which was horrific!
  • We travelled luxuriously with a full on AC vehicle (the bus) to Beverly Hills where we managed to get free Sprinkles cupcakes. How neat is that? I ate a whole very sugary cupcake, but they say that on birthdays calories don’t count. They almost convinced me to have another one, but I started to doubt their scientifically proven calorie story, so I decided no to.
  • Very tired I was finally back on the bus going via school, where my nicest schoolmates gave me gifts! And they also sang in more than 4 languages. Can I state the obvious fact that my schoolmates are better than yours!
  • After making pastries with M.A.K.E. pastry chef Rosmary we desperately needed savory food.
  • I can tell you that the night started with nice food a glass of champagne and ended in a lesbian themed party with my dress covered in brown rice vinegar, my mouth burning because of a highly overrated spicy taco and memories that actually can’t be called memories, maybe memoblurs? 😉

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