Raw Birthday


Our touristy day started early this morning. We started it with goat yoghurt and some yummy Whole Foods granola and raspberries. Jumping into our Cali styled clothes we decided to visit the Venice canals and try out some kale smoothies on the way.

After touring through not-so-safe Venice beach we decided on lunch at a organic spot called Kreation Kafe where we tried out veggie juices that would make our skin glow, our intestines happy, and our vegetable-pusher-mothers proud.

But sometimes you don’t want all that kale. Sometimes, you want something substantial and heavy and salty that your head might explode. Whatever day it is (and in case your underwear is out of order, this one is called TUESday), and I went for it and had eggs with beans, which I didn’t have for a long time now. It was really a great nourishing lunch, but it was time for school now.

At Matthew Kenney Cuisine we are at Level 2 Day 12 already! As I told you before we have pastry week and we did a chocolate cinnamon cake with ice cream, caramel, fennel gel and pears. This was a bomb of chocolate tasty heaviness and happiness. It holds a salted crispy brownie texture but when cut is like a gooey piece of heaven. I had a bit of leftovers, so while you are looking at the pics, I’ll just be over here, eating cake like it’s my birthday… wait, it actually is! Yayy my birthday is tomorrow and I’m already getting my groove on, meaning choosing where to eat for a birthday dinner and eat cake, a lot of cake! More about that in the next post!

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