Raw Breakfast


Our weekend is the time we get to try different cafe’s and markets. This time we decided to go to a hotel for breakfast and try out Heritage Hotels Raw Breakfast menu. Now even hotels are joining the raw diet hype and of course I was curious!

Heritage Auckland is the first hotel in New Zealand to offer its guest the choice of a Raw Bar along side its extensive breakfast buffet.  This builds on the healthy dining, plant based menu which was introduced in 2011.

The Raw Breakfast Bar is $19.00 per person which is quite a reasonable price, having in mind that you can have as much as you can handle 🙂

Executive chef, Jinu Abraham increased the breakfast options and provided offerings which are unprocessed, unheated foods, with more energy and that are full of ‘life force’.

“We have used a number of techniques such as preserving, pickling, compression, dehydration and sprouting to enhance the flavours of the ingredients.  We have sourced raw virgin oils such as olive and coconut. We use raw agave nectar, lucuma (Amazonian sweet fruit), coconut nectar and occasionally stevia for sweeteners.”

The raw buffet included a savoury and sweet section. There was a salad bar with homemade raw dressings, raw granola with coconut yoghurt, raw sliced linseed and cabbage bread and best of all cold brew coffee. I loved the raw granola and coconut yoghurt, the bread was also quite unique. The salad bar was just an ordinary salad bar with almond “cheese” which looked more like a almond crumble. I loved the option of activated nuts and seeds, which you could add to your fresh fruit salad or granola. See the menu here.

Maybe I’m becoming a perfectionist when it comes to raw food, but I expected much more from this raw breakfast buffet. Don7t get me wrong it was delicious, but nothing beats a raw breakfast at my favourite spot Little Bird Organics.

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