Raw Chef Training with Rene Archner


Photos by Teresamisu

I was honoured to be a part of a Raw Chef Training with Raw Food Chef Rene Archner. This training was held in the beautiful Albany Lodge with 18 participants. It was a hands-on full immersion training, which meant a lot of blending, cutting, dehydrating, soaking and sprouting.

Raw Berry Coconut Yoghurt

We’ve made over 57 recipes – all raw, healthy and nourishing. And yes we ate it all … Almost 😉 It included savoury and sweet raw recipes… I know, you say to yourself, raw can be savoury and delicious?! But then you’re eating only salads?! Wrong! We’ve made the most beautiful raw breads (they are dehydrated, made out of nuts or seeds), croutons, stir fry  and soups. We created a rice-less sushi with a not-tuna salad and beautiful raw pizza with marinated onions.

We’ve learnt a lot! And I mean A LOT! From decorating, chopping and balancing flavours, with whom we created our very own masterpieces. As with cooked food there is a whole new philosophy with raw food. The right balance of different ingredients act together as a choir, with each voice barley distinguishable on it’s own. As Rene says “they merge together to become one harmonic cord.”

Raw Focaccio Bread

These raw voices are sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter, flavor enhancing herbs and spices. Each of the flavours are influenced by each other and all are supported by the patriarch of the family-fats. From here we learnt how important every fat carries the foundation for others to gather and form the choir.

Raw Orange Cream Pie

Each group studied the importance of balance in raw cuisine, presentation and the enjoyment of feeding the emotional part of a person in a healthy way.

Raw Chocolate

This was an absolute paradise to me! Educational, gourmet and healthy. Meeting likeminded people who also wanted to achieve a level of knowledge of being great raw culinary artists – did we make it? I think the pictures say it all.

The youngest Raw Chef Lucas

I was also the main videographer there and soon you’ll be seeing a exclusive video report of our intensive training of the most delicious food you could ever taste! 🙂

Raw Apple Spice Granola

Zucchini Spaghetti with Marinara

Our amazing teacher Rene Archner

Golden Linseed Crackers

Raw Almond Sauerkraut bread with Avocado cream and Turmeric

Raw Chocolate Mousse Cake

Raw Chocolate Biscotti/Haystacks

Macadamia “Cheese”

Wakame Miso Crumbles, Chili Sunnies, Curry Cashews

Raw Nemo Sushi

Raw Pizza – “Alive Pizza” with caramelised onions

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