Raw Dinner Menu


Yep! You are reading it right.  Together with graduates from the Raw Chef Training, our raw chef teacher Rene Archner and commis chef Sean David, we have put on a three-course raw dinner. It has 100% supported the Wise Cicada children’s charity. This time all the revenue went towards medical assistance for the children in the partner orphanage in Iran, Babak’s (owner Wise Cicada) home country.

Tired of the old-school Christmas dinner function? Here is your all-raw organic alternative!

Hor d’oeuvres
Glass of organic Kombucha
Pineapple Ma Hor with almond butter sauce
Carrot Roesti with cashew sour cream, capers & caramelized onions
Macadamia cheese with flower petal confetti
Exquisite Minestrone
Spring green and flower salad with choice of dressing (Caesar and Orange Miso)
Vegetable Fettucini with Cashew Alfredo
Hot Chocolate Brownie with
Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream and
Raspberry Coulis

Of course instead of wine we served Rene’s famous Kombucha! It was such a fun night preparing a all raw dinner, again I learnt a lot. By the end of the day we were all very tired and full of raw goodies!

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