Shopping tips in USA


So we commented the partying and the sightseeing, lets talk about some shopping now. As you all probably heard USA shopping is amazing, and the gossip is true! It’s not that its overly cheap, but you get such amazing deals that you just can’t resist. For example, I bought a pair of heels and my friend some sandals and we got the third pair for free! Yes you heard right, and they are not some cheap ass heels, they are designer heels that usually cost over 200$. Do you imagine that happening in Slovenia? No, me neither 😉

So if you go to USA it’s a must to visit TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack and DSW, there you will find designer clothing, accessories, shoes, everything, for a price that you can afford. Lets talk numbers… I saw Coach fur boots for 160$, which is 123€, Emma Fox leather bag for 140$, Michael Kors leather belt for 25$, Proenza handbag for 300$ (still to much for me, but a good deal if you know the original store price – 800$). You can say these stores are like outlets, but all the designer stuff are NOT last season, they are this seasons collection, the only difference from the elite stores is that you have to find it, grab it and buy it as quickly as you can. I also recommend Sawgrass Mills, which is in Miami and they say it’s just pure awesomeness. We didn’t go because this is almost the biggest mall in US and you have to drive for an hour to there and be there for the whole day, we rather stayed at the beach.

Aside from outlets you have a lot of US brands that are very different from what we Europeans, I mean Slovenians are use to. Forever 21 is one of the funky and cheap stores, but be careful, a lot of stuff can be overly cheap and you can throw it away the same day. A bit more expensive but still very cool stores are Urban Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle and Gap.

What I like about shopping there are not only the prices but also the variety of choice you have for each style. I assure you, you will find anything that you need, like or dream about. Its not even close to our stores and options; there you don’t have to spend the whole day looking for something special and different. I guess that’s just a part of the so called “American dream”.

Photos by: Liza Kasal – Edited by: Žiga Zupančič

  • Silk skirt: Zara
  • Top: Urban Outfitters
  • Sandals: Steve Madden
  • Sunglasses: Ray Ban
  • Necklace: Mythologie

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