Showroom – Jana Koteska, Miro Mišljen and Rebecca


In a fully packed Pilates center in Ljubljana we feasted our eyes on Miro Mišljen’s playful collection, jewelry by Rebecca Nakit and on perfect pieces by Jana Koteska.

I can’t believe how fast this year went by, even our stubborn winter gave up and left us to enjoy … Leggings! Yes girls, Jana Koteska is on the roll again.  She designed new crazy leggings. So if your in the mood for pineapple or alien colours, than your purchase has to have  JK initials on it! Lets face it – leggings are the new black, at least in my world.

Which ones do you think I’ve gotten?

“Designer Jana Koteska clearly made a leggings revolution in Slovenia. Absolutely every piece is unique, made for daring women. With her modern textured prints she emphasises, that it is not all about comfiness, but also about a strong and sexy woman. Walking in these beauties is actually poetry.” post from here.

In this versatile Pilates showroom we also saw Miro Mišljen‘s new season designs. But the dress which won me over was from his previous collection, this forgotten beauty will stick with me at least through the next season.

“Miro Mišljen is our young controversial designer, he is a believer in pure creation through the language of fashion. There is an interesting story behind his Mary Magdalene collection. His inspiration comes from the ladies of the night – prostitutes of Amsterdam. Their garments invite passers to their embrace; the patterns open a reflection on the life of stigmatized friends from the night.  To say this collection is complex is something of an understatement. On the runway there was an equal sense of intense, detailed labor in what Mišljen produced. The detailed lace and adding big colorful flowery “hats” made the collection a hidden link between a story and the fashion world. A smart accessory was added to the collection – a man in a dress, it emphasized the darkest hour just before the dawn.” post from fashion week.

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