Sightseeing in Chicago


While writing this we are already waiting at the airport to fly to Miami. Goodbye windy city hello crazy humid city.  6 days in Chicago went by so fast and we are missing it already. We  have done some sightseeing, trying out their culinary specialties (raisin bagels, raw bars, fruity waffles, also visited Giuliana and Bills restaurant 😉 ) and enjoying the long walks along Gold coast. We were also drawn to shopping malls and their crazy discounts, I can’t believe there are so many brands that are hilariously cheap here, at home they sell the same stuff for almost three times the price. I bought a pair of killer Melissa and Sam Edelman heels both for just 54$, now I can also say – “God bless America” ;).

With funny prices come funny people as well, there are so many different characters that range from crazy to over friendly. They are really open for any conversation, which is awesome, but sometimes you glance at the hidden fakeness in them.  I couldn’t see myself living here, don’t get me wrong it is a gorgeous city, but I would soon miss nature, stability and closeness of all the different countries we have around Slovenia. Here everything is as we call it »americanized« which is interesting for a while, but it can’t replace my little vegetable garden and the soul of my (sometimes close-minded) country.



Photos by: Liza Kasal and Me – Edited by: Žiga Zupančič

  • Sweater: DKNY
  • Tights and ring: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Franco Sarto
  • Bracelets: from Coldplay concert

In the pictures you see the famous Cloud Gate, I also like to call it “The Bean”. Its located in the Millenium park within the Loop community area of Chicago. It weights about 110 short tons and is made by stainless steel. It was designed by an British artist Anish Kapoor, who said he was inspired by liquid mercury and wanted the sculpture’s surface to reflect and distort the city’s skyline.

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