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Good news or bad news? I think they’re both pretty epic because it’s a change I’ve been waiting for almost a year now! The not so »bad« news is Teresamisu will be going through a complete rebranding and very soon become Tereza’s Choice which leads me to the good news! I can finally show you what we’ve created, we’re starting my very own vegan food brand that we’re making in collaboration with an epic Slovenian company Organa.

Tereza’s Choice – Simply from Nature!


Organic and fresh hummus with a variety of flavours that contain only the best.

Vegan Burgers

Three burger flavours that are perfect for the grill. Wholesome and delicious.

Veggie Spreads

Healthy organic spreads for every occasion.

Vegan Mayo

Vegan organic mayonnaise with our unique recipe.


Versatile tofu with unique flavours for all tastes.

Nut Butters

Organic peanut butter and almond butter for breakfast, smoothies or just eating it from a jar with a spoon.

Unfortunately for now this will be sold only in Slovenia, but the big plan is spreading internationally! Stay tuned!

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