Summertime Espadrilles


Short recap of my Birthday: I have eaten lots of cake (raw of course), had a not so common birthday (very busy day), but went to bed feeling content (I saw a friend after a year, he said I look exactly the same as the year before, fijuu. So if anybody asks I am still 21.) 😉

Here is a second look, which we’ve made on Mali Losinj. We photographed a little town called Osor, it was so gorgeous and just fantastic for our photography needs. I am dressed very casual, just because I like feeling comfy in what I am wearing. The pink espadrilles were so cheap, but still look very cool. For me, heels are a big no no if they are really not necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say I don’t like buying them, but they mostly sit around in my closet, waiting for the day they will be walked in… that day rarely comes.

This year I think espadrilles are a big summertime hit and that’s awesome, anyone can afford them and look super cool.  You can find them in millions of colors and if you don’t no which to choose, just buy two, maybe three or four pairs… the Teresamisu wise advice.

PS: Happy Birthday to my best friend Liza, today she turned 21 and is allowed to fly with me to Chicago tomorrow. Yes, we are going to USA for 14 days! We’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned.

From Žigas perspective

From my perspective

 Photographer Žiga Zupančič –

  • Shirt: Abercrombie and Fitch
  • Jeans: Gap
  • Hat: Handmade
  • Sunglasses: Carrera
  • Watch: Adidas
  • Bag: Massimo Dutti

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