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Another challenge was presented to me. My first healthy birthday catering event was a success! It was fun and very busy… A lovely young lady contacted me and asked, if I could do a healthy semi raw catering service for her birthday party. This was actually a bit different; it was more of a birthday photo shoot. She had planned it all out; from her lovely decoration to her photographer who documented every bits and pieces of the night. It’s my first time doing a full menu after my Matthew Kenney Culinary training … so the pressure was on! By the end of the night I received great feedback with a few improvements I knew I had to make, it was a great learning start and I’m ready to do it again. The menu I made was mostly raw, 100% vegan and gluten/sugar free. Thank you to Mercator who helped out at the very last minute and made my first test catering event a success.


Raw Beet Gazpacho & Nut Sour Cream

Raw Green Curry Noodles, Spicy Cashew, Marinated Mushrooms

Three Colour Quinoa & Spicy Tahini Sauce

Filled Spinach Walnut Mushrooms

Zucchini/Avocado Tartar

Raw Hemp Pesto, Tomato Marinara & Crispy Polenta

Raw White Chocolate Poppy seed Cupcakes

Raw Lime Cheesecake

Raw Brownie Cakepops

Raw Milk Chocolate Cake

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