Teresamisu Promotional Video


Wiiiih, this is so exciting! Today we can present to you the amazing Teresamisu promotional video, that was supported by the creative team in Blueroom and powerful Ninja blender. Below is the recipe of the day!

Recipe for Raw Blueberry cake!

Ninja Blender from Blueroom on Vimeo.

Every world starts with a story… And mine starts with the world of raw cuisine. Today I present to you a different type of recipe, A recipe that makes me… well me!

 Two cups of dedication and faith,

half a cup of motivation ,

Lastly a cup of coconutty stubbornness.

 Blending everything together you get the essential base of my passion.

 And my passion is making raw food, food that makes people happy.

 It doesn’t stop here. Supported with sour strength of mind and determination adding a tablespoon of courage it leads me to my independence of taking a few drops of risks.

 I’m truly intrigued by creativity and endless possibilities using organic plant-based foods.

 Many times I take a leap into sweet temptation, which is always necessary even if it ends up unsuccessful.

 But with patience and practice my goal is closer of professionally making kind food.

 Putting all these ingredients in to one, we get my belief that no profession is difficult if you’re passionate about it…. Passion perfectly textured with love towards attention to detail and taste.

 Welcome to my world, Teresamisu world 😉

Production by Blueroom


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