The dilemma of sexy short or long hair


As many of you noticed a few months ago I cut my hair really short. I’ve been collecting my hidden courage for this probably for over a year. Many were shocked, which made me think… Which hair style is sexier – long or short?

I know it totally depends on a woman, but almost every male friend with whom I raised the issue of pursuing an asymmetric hardcore chop, has responded with heavy, humorless resistance to short hair.

Cutting your hair off can be liberating—or horrible. The very first cut was quite a stressful experience—for many days it didn’t feel stylish or edgy, just unfeminine. But when I got a hang of it and started to enjoy my confident personality that started to glow through – the short, sexy thing started happening. With short hair you are totally revealed, theres no hiding those bunny ears. But thats the magic, you get an entirely new attitude. It’s empowering to get rid of all that hair. It’s like finally putting away the security blanket. Maybe I’m dramatising, but I notice a lot more positive feedback from strangers or passers. Short hair is more like a red dress: a style statement that gets you noticed and remembered.

Thanks to Mič Styling Rimska and Matej Prinčič I have a rockin’ new look that I absolutely adore! But thats my experience, what about yours? Women, how do you wear your hair? And how do men react to it? Men, what kind of hair do you like?

Photos by: Liza Kasal and me

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