The life of a newborn model


Haha newborn model, funny title, but kind of true. So many of you asked me the story about me starting as a model in New Zealand. So here it is …

I was picked up and signed with Clyne Models Management, one of the biggest model agencies in New Zealand. When I got the contract I found it a bit serious and not part and far away of my “life plan”. Well I decided that I’m going to be a YES girl in New Zealand, open for new opportunities, so I signed!

A lot of people want to be in the fashion world because it’s glamorous and lucrative. The allure of modelling is not difficult to see, but one should not enter into the world of modelling blindly. Modelling is extremely competitive, the industry is filled with rejection and as I’m a tad too old to have a supermodel career, it’s more fun for me than disappointing or stressful. There isn’t anything that changed much in my daily routine, I always ate healthy, exercised, so no major transformations there. My days are now accompanied with different castings and if I get lucky I have a runway show or a fun photo shoot. With New Zealand Fashion Week almost in full swing, we have a casting this weekend, wish me luck!

Along the way I’m meeting incredible people, talented photographers and gorgeous girls, all in all a fun journey to explore on the other side of the world 😉 More on



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