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Jetlag is a serious bummer. When you finally get to where you are going and all you want to do is sleep is incredibly frustrating. I can safely say that I’ve overcome the jetlag game. What really helped me was my choice of food on my trip. I came prepared for my 48 hour-long journey thanks to Super-Hrana.

As many of you know decided to try out New Zealand life for a bit. If there is one passion I have beyond cooking and eating, it is definitely traveling. A very long flight was in front of me and even though I flew with almighty Emirates, I am not a fan of airplane food.

One thing I have decided was to prepare myself for the long journey with healthy snacks that I know work for me. Just because I am in survival mode doesn’t mean I am eating questionably edible, pre-packaged sandwiches from the vending machine. No way.

My journey was nearly here, I checked-in online and decided to order a gluten free meal for my flight – maybe they will surprise me. I packed my goodies and hoped for the best.

Here I am, 30,000 feet in the air and in front of me is my ordered airplane gluten free meal, can you guess what I was served? Rice and meat. Not surprising at all, thankfully I have my own exciting wholesome food with me.

So what did I eat? I tried to keep it simple; you don’t need a lot of food while your sitting almost the whole two days. With me I had kale chips, raw crackers, a couple of Sunwarrior protein packs, Nakd raw bars, mulberries, goji berries and Incan berries.

My flight started in Venice through Dubai, where we waited for 10 hours. Because I am an Emirates silver member, I was able to sneak into the business lounge. I had a nice dinner with roasted veggies, a hearty salad and a lot of water. After that I was able to hop into a nice shower and slept on the comfy business bed for 4 hours. For my breakfast I decided to go for raw veggie sticks, hummus, rye bread and a beetroot juice. At the cafe they were kind enough to make me a smoothie with my Sun-warrior vegan protein pack. Remember NO coffee, black tea or alcohol on long trips! I satisfied my sweet tooth with sweet Dubai dates filled with pistachios. Just before boarding my 18-hour flight I bought a chia seed pudding and some more delicious dates.

On this long trip I slept a lot, watched the newest movies and fueled my body the proper way. I realized it’s best to stay away from the airplane food, even though I ordered gluten free. What worked for me was nothing too heavy, as I’m sitting for most of the trip after all, and sticking to high protein and carbohydrate-rich foods definitely seem to be best. Including fresh fruits and veggies with a high water content, as nothing is more dehydrating than flying. Cucumbers, celery and apples are always high on my list.

In the end I survived with my snackies and here I am on the other side of the world again. For an unknown time we will be living there, tucked away somewhere near the beach, completely away from the life we know in Slovenia. We don’t know what the future holds for us, but we are feeling very excited for the adventures that lay ahead.

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