A trip to Rarotonga


I have been silent for quite a while but… It was time for a break before a storm, which you will know about a bit later. While my mum was visiting me here in New Zealand, we decided to go somewhere tropical while she is here. We asked my dad what he recommends and he was all about Rarotonga.

Raro-huh?  I said to myself.  I had no idea that the place existed.  In fact, I had very little knowledge of the island chain it belongs to – the Cook Islands of the South Pacific.  After a few searches on google it seemed like a great place to stop and unwind before I get buried deep in work. In 15 min we had booked a hotel, our tickets and we were off!

We arrived at around 1am, so we didn’t see much, but as soon as it was time for breakfast we realised we are in paradise! Nothing more to say, drinking coconuts everyday, eating passion fruit, star fruit and paw paw, and a lot of local fish!

It was such a fun mumma and daughter trip, it was all about relaxing, kayaking and yoga, perfect!

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