Two days in Dubrovnik


A weekend spent in Dubrovnik is always a good idea, especially with my beloved mom and my grandma. I don’t know if you know, but I’m actually half Croatian from my father’s side. There is a big old house by the sea still standing in Dubrovnik, where you can regularly hear my 86-year-old grandma’s laughter.

Because I’m leaving to New Zealand I decided I have to visit her for the weekend. Decision was made in a day and mom and me where packed and on the plane to the very well known UNESCO World Heritage site Dubrovnik. We had 48 hours and we’ve spent them well.

On the plane we received a complimentary cup of water so an emergency dinner was in order. As soon as we landed and arrived to the old town we strolled with our suitcases to a small restaurant. Of course I ordered the octopus salad and Dalmatian variety of cheeses. Main dish was obviously sea bass on a bed of veggies. Mom had a seafood risotto full of taste that you can only handle only in Dubrovnik.

We were of to our hotel the Excelsior. Every time we are in Dubrovnik we sure try to get a room in this beautiful hotel. The location is right next to the old town and my Nanas house as well! And don’t get me started about the view! Best of all about this hotel is the amazing five star breakfast. I have travelled around the world and this breakfast wins from the service, food, choice, setting – it’s amazing – plus you can have any variety of healthy bread or granola.

Our two days were spent chatting with my Nana who by the way can’t stop laughing at funny old stories and apparently thinks my eyes are from my mom, funny nose from my dad, and my big butt from her. Thanks Nana!

I absolutely enjoyed reminiscing my days here in summer as a kid, running around Zidine, eating fresh fish when my uncle caught some, playing with the local kids on the beach in Lokrum and stuffed myself with ice cream at Dolce Vita. It’s still all the same, the only change I saw was souvenir shops turned into the biggest Game of Thrones fans. If you ask me for healthy eating tips in Dubrovnik I can recommend Peskarija restaurant, Kopun or Kamenica. Head to the local farmers market for delicious figs and fresh fruit. Don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee at Gradska Kavarna or Café Buza.

It was short but sweet, I kissed my Nana goodbye and I’m of to the other side of the world again. Winter is coming! But we are escaping 😉


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