Vienna winter street style


Here I am in Vienna wearing a wooly sweater, leather leggings and sturdy boots, but still freezing. Our visit to this beautiful city was very short but extraordinary. The whole family had some time off, we saw the beautiful Christmas lights, mom got some precious answers and after that we enjoyed our evening with some blau wein und zimt brezeln.This city is truly amazing, from its culinary specialties and their fashionable yet very expensive boutiques.

The next day we only had about two hours to see the city in daylight, so we did some quick outfit shoots. As it happens it was freezing here in Vienna, it was much much colder than in Ljubljana, so thank goodness I had my leather biker boots and warm burgundy leggings (because of them many gave me the look: “Sie sind eine prostituierte oder einfach nur ein modisches statement?”) 😉

Fabric, light boots are no good to anyone in these, the most gloomy days of winter. As the weather is changing to unbearable temperatures, so is the fashion world. It has seen fit to embrace big boots this season: giant yeti versions with furry outlines, shiny moon snow boots and chunky lace-ups.These hefty yet very warm boots are seen more often on a lot of young women, wearing skinny jeans, a big bag and chunky boots, which, if styled right, looks very high fashion. The perfect pair of boots should be waterproof of course, as well as warm – which rules out Uggs, they are too liable to go soggy in the rain, or any other version of this type of boot. This may be as heretical as suggesting The Ellen show is boring, but what is the point of buying expensive boots that can’t be worn in puddles?

Photographer Žiga Zupančič

  • Coat: Sofie D’Hoore
  • Leggings: Forever 21
  • Necklace: B.K.Germ
  • Boots: Franco Sarto
  • Sweater: Mom’s closet
  • Woolen hat: Gap

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