Viktorji 2012 – Red carpet


It amazes me how dull a red carpet can be. Every year I think it’s getting worse. I know that dressing up for the awards is followed by a precise code, and doubtless it still does at Viktorji 2012 (long evening gowns, everything sparkling, soulless, no dazzling jewels). There are some that stood out and didn’t fear representing themselves through clothes, others I guess just don’t know who they are.

Clothes are threaded through the stories of our lives; what we wear providing clues to who we are, where we came from, and how our futures might unfold. It might seem idilic, but for me Viktorji are the excuse to get a bit overboard with my style. I was not a nominee, so why not have some fun with fashion?

Anyway, in the wake of overwrought fashion boredom there’s some that looked about as appealing as a cool glass of milk in the morning after a night of too many cocktails. Fresh, original, yet subtle and mesmerising.

As I’m not a fan of the long gown curse, I have to hand it to Tjaša Kokalj and her beautiful black lace dress by Maja Štamol Droljc, wow. She knows how to wear it and it looked great on her. I just don’t understand the see through clutch trend, I know everyone is wearing it, I like it as well  – but I think we should move onto something different.

At the event hostesses were handing out big giant sun glasses… Now I understand why, because of all those sparkles!

Glasses went off when I saw Polona Kasal and her gorgeous gold dress.The clever thing about her sparkly dress is that it looks gown-up, without being too formal; a fluidity that is the key, I think, to the latest crop of shorter hemlines.

Nina Osenar also showed off her style and body, this dress fits her perfectly. It flatters her stunning figure in a flowing long gown.

But there were sparkles that screamed a big no no! Tanja Žagar with her perky floaty attire that seemed more appropriate for her concerts.

Even though Sabina Gosenca was wearing sparkles she was not sparkling by Nataša Gavraničs side. The dress was really shapeless and unfitting. Maybe it was the color, maybe just the cut, it’s definitely with no form and fit and surely unflattering for Sabina’s already pale skin.

Many would say that I’m crazy, but this dress I liked. Pia Pustovrh wore that little black dress everyone has in their closets, but with feathers attached.  There’s something about feathers that makes my heart leap, perhaps because they speak of wings.

A big YAY to Manja Plešnar big chunky high heels. Thought I would add some statement jewellery to complete the outfit.

A big thank you to many incredible talents for glamming me up!

Dress: Saša Nemec and Ema Bavcon

Jewellery : Barbara K. Germ

Handbag: Nataša Belcijan – Natali design

Make up: Martina Borščak –

Hair: Špela Penko – YMS Citypark


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