Viktorji 2012 – Which dress should I wear?


We have a new task for you all! I have a very big dilemma – Viktorji awards are coming up and I still don’t have a dress! Yes it’s quite a pickle… Here we have three beautiful dresses, two form NIKATO Couture and one from Saša Nemec and Ema Bavcon. These young talents made divine crations, one enjoying simplicity but showing off pure elegance, the other two emphasizing our wild biker-chic side. Keep in mind that when we choose the dress I will add some accesories and glam it up a bit.

So how are we going to do this? You can pick one of the dress (1, 2 or 3) by commenting below or like/comment the prefered dress on facebook. If you’re shy, you can still participate, just send me an email ( with your opinion on which dress would be right for the big Slovenian awards. We will add up all your comments/likes and anounce the winning dress on Saturday!

So what do you think?

Dress number 1?


Dress number 2?


Dress number 3?


 Photographer and Postproduction: Žiga Zupančič

Lightning designer: Peter Prevec –

Organization: Lea Bernot –

Make up: Martina Borščak –

Hair: Špela Penko – YMS Citypark

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