Vintage street style


This is a special edition post, because the girl behind the camera is my very good and talented friend Lea Bernot. Besides her ability to hold a DSLR she is also a fashion enthusiast, so we had some fun with my closet and made three different outfits.

With the street styles increasingly advanced at producing runway replicas and the result is a very good chance of bumping into someone wearing the same outfit. For some that does not bother them at all, but for other the only way to be sure of an original is to go vintage. The difficulty is, where is the good vintage? My answer to that question is my mothers closet, as many of you already know. The vintage bits make your outfit special and unique. Of course you can also be the master of special fashion by buying crazy priced clothes, but if your budget is zero – a predicament familiar to most of us – then there is much to be said for rummaging through one’s own wardrobe.

True, this might sound boring or very obvious, but embark on the task properly. It means that your mind has to be very open and try taking everything out, trying it on, mixing it up in different combinations – and you can discover buried treasures. Believe me I know, having excavated the contents of my fully packed closet last weekend, whereupon I found four different pieces which I can revamp and suddenly they will look entirely right again. I can’t wait to redesign some of my stuff that were bought 5 summers ago, which makes them admirably thrifty, but glorious to behold.

Photos by Lea Bernot

First look:

  • Hat, Pants, Purse: Vintage
  • Shirt: H&M
  • Shoes: Repetto

Second look:

  • Shirt: D&G
  • Jacket: Mango
  • Blazer: Zara
  • Tights : Old
  • Skirt: Zara
  • Shoes: Top Shop
  • Bag: VIntage

Third look:

  • Dress: Escada
  • Jacket: Miro Mišljen
  • Shoes: Top Shop
  • Bracelets: Mango

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