Waiheke Island

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Relax, surf, enjoy wine and hide away in a cottage… That’s Waiheke Island! When I woke up dad told me he is taking me to see Waiheke Island, I couldn’t believe how close to Auckland this gem is, It’s simply  a haven of beautiful beaches, gastronomical treasures and small wineries.

Waiheke Island has become known as New Zealands “island of wine,” :). It’s a home to a dedicated group of winegrowers who have successfully matched the maritime climate and ancient soil structures to the selection of classical grape varieties to produce red and white wines with distinctive varietal character.

Facts about Waiheke – The island is the second-largest in the Hauraki Gulf after Great Barrier Island. It is the most populated, with nearly 8,730 permanent residents plus another estimated 3,400 who have second or holiday homes on the island.

Funny fact – Waiheke translates as “the descending waters or “ebbing water“. This refers to an event when Maori explorer Kahumatamomoe landed on the island and urinated.

This island is full of very interesting people, they seem very relaxed and all in all different. If you think about it’s quite logical – no traffic, no rushing, everything is quite close and a lot of good food and wine.

There are endless possibilities here for you to come and enjoy this island. You can work and in return have a free accommodation and food. Here are some ideas for you http://www.workaway.info/hostlist-NZ.html?Page=2.

Photos and postproduction by Tereza Poljanič

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