Winner of Coco Lui Giveaway!


And we have our winner of our natural Coco Lui giveaway!

Congratulations to Jasmina P.

Coco Lui is a new brand that is abnormally cute and incredibly useful. When I met the ambitious owner of this brand, I truly felt what it was all about, without her even explaining it. Coco Lui is representing her and her adventure through life. She believes that within these products she is also expressing her personal style, cute design and little details that brighten your day. When I listened to her story, I was amazed. During her life in the beautiful Amsterdam, a city full of endless bridges and canals, dominated by minimalist style, she developed her personality of being open to difference. When she  got everything Amsterdam could offer her journey continued to London. She was thought  about elegance and modern art, engaging vintage markets where royal meets new. Here she developed a love for design, interior design and decoration.

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